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Public Address Events

speech - public address captain: jeannie Zhao.

These events focus on traditional public speaking skills and connecting to an audience either through an original or previously written speech. 

Original Oratory 


Informative Speaking  

Interpretation Events

speech - interpretation events captain: rachel Solomon.

This category of events is focused on interpreting literature and making the characters, settings, and action come alive for an audience through the use of the competitor's voice and body. These events are most commonly associated with theatrical acting. 

Humorous/Dramatic/Duo Interpretation

Program Oral Interpretation

Prose Reading

Poetry Reading

Improvisational Acting

Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu
(Limited Prep Events)

speech - limited preparation captains: jessica gulati and sarah vesecky.

Each of these events involves preparing a speech on current events within a limited period of time during the round. These topics deal with politics, economic issues, questions of policy, or other areas of current affairs. 

United States Extemp

International Extemp

Impromptu Speaking